Big Questions Xpeditions (BQX) is a global scientific endeavour, established to advance fundamental research into the Big Questions of science. Questions like – Why is there a universe? How did life begin? Is there life elsewhere? What is consciousness?

Do you have a thirst for knowledge, or a desire to advance research into the Big Questions? Can you make a difference? Apply to join one of our Xpeditions.

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Explore and discover the oldest evidence of life on planet earth – 3.5 billion year old stromatolites, hosted in rocky outcrops in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Join world renowned scientists including Dr. Mitch Schulte, NASA Mars 2020 Exploration Program; Prof. Paul Davies, Cosmologist ASU and Prof. Martin Van Kranendonk, Geologist UNSW, to discover why Australia’s stromatolites are so important to origin of life research, and to the search for life on Mars and beyond.

BQXpeditioners will 4WD to an abandoned mining camp four hours south of Port Hedland, deep into the Australian outback. Accommodation is provided in dongas, with daily 4WD BQXpeditions to the stromatolite sites and to other points of interest including recently discovered Aboriginal petroglyphs, the breathtaking Shaw River and gold fossicking sites.

The final days include visiting Marble Bar, reputedly the hottest inhabited town in the world, and staying at the historically significant IronClad hotel. An insiders tour of Port Hedland, the largest port by tonnage in the world, concludes the BQXpedition.

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About Xpeditions


  • To develop collaborative partnerships with world leading scientists researching the Big Questions of science
  • To actively contribute and advance fundamental Big Questions research, either financially, scientifically or by contributing time, talent or relationships
  • To boldly explore remote areas of the globe critical to Big Questions research
  • To inspire young people to pursue a career in science, and to promote Big Question thinking in everyday life

Do you have more big questions?

By inviting select BQXpeditioners to participate and collaborate with world renowned researchers, BQX generates financial returns to support research at leading universities.

As an exclusive BQXpeditioner, you will be part of a small BQXpedition comprising several leading scientists and no more than a dozen other BQXpeditioners. BQXpeditions explores remote but scientifically significant locations across the globe, and requires BQXpeditioners to undertake some reading before embarking on the BQXpedition. This generates greater interaction and collaboration between the researchers and BQXpeditioners whilst in the field